Posture Care Education and Workshops

We are in a process of starting a posture care "Think Tank". These meetings are at no cost and are open to all who are interested and registered with us. If you are interested to join us in these "Think Tank" meetings, join our email listing. Please send us a note

1) Review May workshop materials
2) Review literature on topic of postural care
3) Practical application of therapeutic positioning
4) Demonstration and hands-on practice
5) Bring pictures of consumers and will work on postural care plans
6) Skype and video conferencing with practitioners abroad
7) Yoga and posture care "colla-netting" (collaboration and networking) with guest Iyengar yoga teachers
8) Allow participants to share their experience

Posture Care is a new and innovative approach to improving physical and mental well-being in individuals with disabilities through symmetrical body alignment.

The model is based on a UK model of postural care which is gaining recognition in the USA. Here at YAI/Premier we recently launched a new clinic dedicated to Posture Care. The following are the details:

In the seven to ten treatment sessions that follow, families and caregivers are educated in safety, supporting, handling and placing a person into therapeutic supported positions. During these visits, recommendations are made regarding products that help support the body in symmetrical comfortable positions.

Children and adults with disabilities are at heightened risk of developing body asymmetry or other distortions that can affect an individual's comfort level as well as virtually every aspect of their functioning and behavior.

Posture refers to the body's alignment and positioning. Posture Care is a gentle, non-invasive approach to protecting a person's body shape by helping to distribute the force on joints, ligaments and muscles. The results are measurable.

Here at YAI, we started to adopt the UK model at the clinic, schools, day habilitation programs, and group homes. The program requires training of staff, caregivers, and families. In May 2015, we invited UK educators to present a two-day workshop at the YAI International Conference where they collaborated with us. The response was phenomenal and we hope to conduct future workshops.

Below are links to videos from the UK group that led the postural care workshop in May 2015.